Intramural Sports FAQs

Intramural Sports FAQs

Intramural Sports FAQs

1. What are intramural sports?

Intramural sports are designed for WMU students, faculty/staff, and members of the Student Recreation Center. Programs offered by the intramural sports department include both team and individual sports. Through University Recreation, intramural sport participation provides opportunities for individuals to develop leadership and team building skills. In addition, the intramural experience allows participants to set goals, develop friendships, participate in physical activity, and enrich their lives.

2. Where is the intramural office located? What are the hours?

The intramural office is located on the third floor of the Student Recreation Center. The office is only open during the fall and spring semesters. The hours are Monday through Thursday, 10 a.m. to 9:30 p.m., Friday, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., and Sunday, 2 to 8 p.m. The office is closed on Saturday. To reach the intramural office, call 387-3743.

3. How do I register for an intramural sport?

Teams must send a representative to attend a general meeting. At this meeting, teams will learn about rules, league availability, and receive a roster form and meeting ticket that will allow them to register the following day. Any additional questions, please contact the intramural office at 387-3743.

4. What happens if my team does not have a representative at the manager’s meeting? If I miss the registration deadline?

If you do not have a representative from your team attend the general meeting you risk not being in the league. There are a limited number of spots available for each sport. Priority is given to those teams who attended the general meeting. Should you not send a representative, stop by the intramural office to pick up a roster form. You will be able to register at a later date, assuming there are still leagues available.

If you miss the registration deadline, you will not be able to submit a team into the league.

5. What if I want to play a sport but I do not have my own team?

The best way to find a team to join is to attend the general meeting. A lot of times teams are formed by those who attend the meeting looking to join a team. Also, many teams are looking for one or two players to add to their roster. If you cannot attend the meeting, stop by the intramural office the week of that sports registration to fill out a free agent form. Our staff will try to place you with a team.

6. How many leagues can I participate in?

You can play in multiple leagues. An example of this is that a person could play on a men’s independent, fraternity, and co-rec division. However, games will not be rescheduled due to a conflict of an individual playing in multiple leagues.

7. Can I get a refund?

Refunds are available for individuals who come by and request a refund at least two days before the team's first game. ALL RECEIPTS AND ROSTER FORMS (pink copy) are required for refunds. Please contact the IM Office to schedule an appointment with the Assistant Director.

8. When can I add players to my roster?

You can add players to your roster until the last regular season game. If you are looking to add a player to your roster the day of the game, be sure to do this before 3 p.m. If you try to add a player after 3 p.m., you will have to purchase a sub slip.

9. What is a sub slip?

A sub slip allows a team to add a player to their roster for that nights game. If a player subs twice (three times for ice hockey), they are automatically placed on that teams permanent roster. A player may only sub for one team.

10. Can I pay for this out at the field?

NO MONEY will be taken out at the fields. Sub slips can be purchased at the IM Office during normal business hours. Sub slips may not be purchased at the IM Fields.

11. How do I know when my team plays?

You can find your schedule on the University Recreation Schedules and Standings page under Intramural Sports in the navagation. Schedules are also posted on the bulletin boards at the intramural sports office (3rd floor of the SRC). Schedules will not be given out over the phone.

12. When are playoff schedules announced?

Playoff schedules are done at a special playoff lottery. Teams that qualify during the regular season, have a good sportsmanship rating, and did not forfeit a game are eligible to attend the lottery. The lottery is generally held on the Monday evening following the last week of league play. This date will be announced to teams during the final week of the regular season. Teams must send a representative in order to be placed in the playoffs. If there is no representative from your team at the meeting, your team will not be in the playoffs.

13. What is a forfeit and what does it mean for my team?

A forfeit is the failure of a team to have the minimum number of players necessary for competition in that sport or event at the time the team is scheduled to play.

Game time is forfeit time. The team who is at the game has the choice of waiting 10 minutes for the team to show or to take the forfeit. Once the choice has been made, it cannot be reversed.

If your team forfeits one game, you are subject to removal from the league (NO REFUNDS GIVEN). A special request can be made to the Assistant Director of Intramural Sports to be reinstated into the league.

14. How do I know what color of jersey to wear?

On your schedule, the color of jersey you are to wear is listed at the top.

15. What should I bring to the game?

Bring appropriate equipment and most importantly your Bronco ID Card to every game. You will not be able to play without your Bronco ID Card.

Alumni Only - Your driver’s license with your WMU Alumni Association Card will be accepted.

16. What if the weather is bad?

If the weather is bad, call the Intramural Sports Information Line beginning at 3:30 p.m. the day of the contest at (269) 387-4REC, Option 2.

17. How can I become an official?

Attend one of our informational meetings for the sport you are interested in officiating. The list of meeting dates can be found on our schedule of events page. Just look under the officials page for more information.

Intramural Sports are designed for WMU students, faculty/staff and members of the SRC. Program offerings include both team and individual sports.

18. Who can play intramural sports?

All currently enrolled students that pay an enrollment fee are eligible to participate in intramural sports. Alumni, faculty and staff can also participate in intramurals as long as they have purchased a membership to the SRC. The only exception to this rule is during the summer sessions. If a student was enrolled during the spring semester or for the upcoming fall semester, he/she can play intramural sports during the summer sessions.


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