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Rental Inquiry Form

Thank you for your interest in the Student Recreation Center (SRC). All rental requests for use of space
are considered on an individual basis and require a minimum of two weeks advance notice. Space
reservation is scheduled primarily after normal hours of operations. Large events may require additional
building security, staff, and custodians at an additional cost. Any facility damage or excessive cleaning
incurred after an event will be charged to the rental organization. All rentals must assist our staff in
maintaining a safe, clean, and positive environment as well as cooperating with staff and adhering to
University guidelines. For more information regarding rental reservations, contracting, deposit, and fees
contact Chris Voss, Associate Director, at phone (269) 387-3772, fax (269) 387-3766
or e-mail


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Set up time required?

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Third floor (Bernhard Center)

Specific area(s) or site(s) requested:

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Will there be food?

(If yes, food is allowed in specified areas and there will be additional custodial charges)

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