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Gobles High School Princepal Corey Harbaugh (M) works with WMU Faculty members
Dr. Ellen Brinkley (L) and Dr. Howard Poole on Digital Story during the
2002 WMU Digital Storytelling Workshop

What are Digital Stories?

Digital stories are short video projects that bring together multimedia, including still images, voice, video, music, sound, text, animation, artifacts and other materials. Stories can be created, displayed and disseminated using personal computers and relatively simple software. The three main components of digital storytelling--story, multimedia, and digital technology--result in dynamic, powerful, context-rich presentations. The format and medium can be produced on CD-ROM and published and disseminated on the World Wide Web, personal computers and video screen displays, making them available to a broad audience.

Examples:  The Story of Hands   The Look
(Quicktime Movie)

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Digital Storytelling Powerpoint presentation

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