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Department of Psychology Colloquium Schedule 2014-15

With Rank Comes Privilege and with Privilege Comes Power

Renee' LeClear-Gavin

4 p.m., Nov. 19, 2014
Chemistry Building, Room 1220

Renee’ LeClear-Gavin is one of 14 women who filed a Gender discrimination/harassment lawsuit against the City of Grand Rapids in 2001 for actions that took place while the women were employed by the Grand Rapids Police Department. The City placed two of the Plaintiffs, LeClear-Gavin and Denhof, on leave. Both women filed a secondary law suit revealing evidence that was not allowed to be presented in the first case. The first case was lost, but Denhof and LeClear-Gavin prevailed which resulted in a multi-million dollar award. Plaintiff Renee’ LeClear-Gavin will speak on what led the women to file the cases, tactics that were used against them in the law suit, and how they eventually prevailed

Gamification: Game On or Time Out?

Dr. Mike Blahnik

4 p.m., Nov. 21, 2014
Location: TBA

The gamification hype has arrived! So how do you build credibility, and create learning and performance improvement solutions that have the correct balance of instructional integrity and engagement? When is the right time to use gamification? Project Manager and Instructional Designer Mike Blahnik will explain in this entertaining session. Game on? Or time out?

Using Simulation-Based Training to Build a Skilled Sales Force

Dr. Thor Flosason

4 p.m., Dec. 5, 2014
Location: TBA

This talk focuses on how simulation, data collection, and feedback can be used in a corporate training environment.  Dr. Flosason is currently the Senior Manager of Retail Sales Training at the Kellogg Company in Battle Creek, MI. His team focuses on providing performance-changing learning experiences for Retail Sales Representatives and their managers across the US. The overall objective of these learning experiences is to enable the Kellogg sales force to successfully execute the standard sales call process in order to drive sales in the retail environment.

Dr. Flosason holds a Bachelor's degree in psychology from the University of Iceland, a Master's degree in I/O Psychology from WMU as well as a Ph. D. in Psychology (OBM track) from WMU.

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