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Colloquiums: 2008-09

Simulation based assessment and training in high risk industries: Behavior analysis strategies to improve safety

Dr. Wayne Fuqua
Professor and Chair
Department of Psychology
Western Michigan University

4:00 PM Friday, November 21, 2008
1710 Wood Hall

The Behavior of Organisms, 1938
70th Anniversary: Contributions to Behavior Analysis

Dr. Jack Michael
Western Michigan University, Emeriti
4:00 PM Friday, October 24, 2008
1710 Wood Hall

Dr. Jack Michael, a faculty member at WMU from 1967-2003, has been a researcher, teacher, and author in behavior analysis for over 50 years. He is best known for publishing the first behavior modification article in 1959, and for his work on motivation, verbal behavior, and college instructional technology. He was one of the founders of the Association for Behavior Analysis. Dr. Michael is a recipient of both WMU's Alumni Teaching Award and Distinguished Faculty Scholar Award, and in 2002 received the Distinguished Service Award from the Association for Behavior Analysis.

From Bench to Bedside: Translational Research on
Behavior Therapy for Children with Tourette Syndrome

Dr. Doug Woods
University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
2008 Outstanding Psychology Alumnus Award

4:00 PM Friday, September 12, 2008

1710 Wood Hall

Douglas Woods (Ph.D., 1999, Clinical Psychology) is an Associate Professor of Psychology and the Director of Clinical Training at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. Dr. Woods is internationally known for his clinical research on repetitive behavior disorders such as Tourette’s Syndrome, trichotillomania (chronic hair pulling) and muscle tics. A prolific researcher and writer, Dr. Woods has published five books and over 100 research and scholarly articles.


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