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Colloquiums: 2007-08

An interactive multi-media behavioral activation program

Dr. Amy Naugle and Dr. Richard Spates
Department of Psychology
Western Michigan University
April 18, 2008

Long-term cognitive effects of cerebral malaria in Ugandan children

Dr. Michael Boivin, Ph.D., MPH
Michigan State University
March, 21, 2008

Michael J. Boivin, Ph.D., MPH, is Associate Professor in the Neurology and in the Psychiatry Departments at Michigan State University and based in the International Neurologic and Psychiatric Epidemiology Program (INPEP). He is also an Adjunct Research Investigator in the Neuropsychology Section at the University of Michigan. He has a Ph.D. from Western Michigan University in the Experimental Analysis of Behavior and an MPH from the University of Michigan in Public Health Policy and Administration. He served as a Fulbright senior research scholar to DR Congo (1990-91) and Uganda (2003-04), and recently completed a three-year term as a Fulbright senior scholar peer reviewer for the Regional Africa Research Program and lecture/research awards to East Africa. Presently his focus has been on health factors influencing the neuropsychological development of children in Africa, especially severe malaria and HIV. Dr. Boivin is also PI on a three-year Templeton Foundation funded study on quality-of-life, neuropsychological, and immunological factors affected by Breast Cancer Treatment. This study is based at Sparrow Hospital in Lansing.

Training and Research with Older Individuals at the Alliance Senior Day Program

Dr. Linda LeBlanc
Associate Professor
Director of Clinical Training
Department of Psychology
Western Michigan University

Feb. 15, 2008

Behavioral Ecology and Response Generalization: Creating Beneficial Side Effects within Safety Interventions

Dr. Tim Ludwig
Appalachian State University
Nov. 30, 2007

A graduate of Virginia Tech, Dr. Ludwig is a Professor of Psychology at Appalachian State University where he has won a number of University and State level awards for his teaching and his leadership of their nationally recognized IO Psychology and Human Resources Management Masters Program.

Integrating positive behavior and literacy supports
at the schoolwide level - a state initiative

Steve Goodman and Margie McGlinchey
Nov. 9, 2007

Behavior-based Safety: Multiple Replications and Long Term Success

Dr. Terry McSween
Oct. 19, 2007

Dr. Terry McSween (Ph.D., 1980, Applied Behavior Analysis) is founder and CEO of Quality Safety Edge, a company that specializes in the application of behavioral technology to promote employee safety and improve teamwork for an extensive list of national corporations. He is also the founder and manager of Behavioral Safety Now, a major international conference on behavioral safety and performance management. He has published a number of articles on behavioral safety as well as the highly regarded book, "The value-based safety process: Improving your safety culture with a behavioral approach." His work has been recognized with awards from the American Society of Safety Engineers and the Organizational Behavior Management Network.


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