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Tips for International Students

Obtaining a social security number
Without this, you cannot open a bank account or sign a rental lease. You will need to go (in person) to the Social Security office at 317 South Drake Road to do this. It will take 7-10 Business days for your social security number to be sent out to you. Be sure to have adequate cash (or traveler's checks) on hand to cover your expenses until you can open a bank account. Social Security Office phone: (866) 331-9088

Finding a place to live
Typically, students start looking for an apartment 3-6 months prior to the move-in date. Some apartment complexes require specific documentation to approve rental leases. For example, you may be required to be working full time, or have effluvium employed Michigan resident to co-sign for you. Thus, it may be difficult to find an apartment that would allow international students to lease. If you prefer to live alone, arranging for on-campus housing during your first year or semester is an alternative.

There is a free transit service that runs through campus.

Getting a driver's license
When you arrive in Kalamazoo, it is important to obtain a driver's license immediately. Your driver's license also functions as official U.S. identification. You will need to go to the Secretary of State located at 3298 Stadium Drive, Kalamazoo. Phone: (888) 767-6424

Health insurance:
Health insurance can be purchased for a nominal charge.

Canadian international students
Things for you are a little bit different. Depending on the province that you are from, you may not need to purchase new health or auto insurance. Further, you may not even be required to transfer your Canadian license to a Michigan license. Most provinces require students to return to their permanent homes every three months in order to keep their Canadian health and auto insurance. However, this requirement may be different from province to province, check with your local Driver's Licensing Bureau and Provincial Health Insurance administrators.