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Procedure of appointment of Adjunct Faculty

To submit a recommendation for adjunct faculty:

  1. The department completes the recommendation for adjunct appointment form. The chair/director signs form.
  2. The completed recommendation form and vita of the prospective adjunct faculty are forwarded to the dean for review, decision and signature.
  3. If the dean approves, the recommendation form and vita are forwarded to the provost for review, decision and signature.
  4. The provost retains a copy of the recommendation form and returns the original to the department. The vita is retained in the provost’s office.
    1. If the recommendation is denied, the department relays the denial decision to the individual.
    2. If the recommendation is approved, the department sends letter and WIN/Adjunct Faculty request form to the prospective adjunct faculty.
  5. When the signed letter of offer is received from the prospective individual, the department sends signed letter and completed WIN/Adjunct Faculty request form to the dean and provost.
  6. The provost submits the recommendation of adjunct appointment to the Western Michigan University Board of Trustees.
  7. Office of the Provost forward the WIN/Adjunct Faculty request form to Office of the Registrar
  8. The provost sends a letter to the individual confirming the decision of the Western Michigan University Board of Trustees, copied to the chair/director and dean.

Eligibility requirements

To be appointed, an adjunct faculty member shall meet the following requirements:

  1. The individual must be eligible for and be expected to enter a continuing or at least extended association with the university (beyond a single year appointment).
  2. The individual must possess the academic qualifications or their equivalents appropriate to the rank.
  3. Adjunct appointments must receive approval through regular departmental channels and have approval of the dean and the provost.
  4. Adjunct faculty in general have full-time employment outside of the university directly relating to their university service or have retired from the discipline outside the university.

The following policies shall govern all adjunct appointments:

  1. Appointments shall be made for not more than three years with automatic termination unless renewed.
  2. Appointments may be continued even though the services of the adjunct staff member are not utilized in any given semester or session.
  3. Adjunct appointments do not carry tenure.
  4. The degree and nature of participation in departmental activities and functions shall be determined in each case by the appointing department.
  5. Promotion to a higher adjunct rank shall follow regular departmental and school procedures.
  6. Persons supervising internships may be appointed to adjunct ranks.
  7. Appointments shall be made within traditional ranking of assistant to associate to full professor, but excluding a faculty specialist.

Compensation is not normally a provision of an adjunct appointment; however, if compensation is a provision of an adjunct appointment, it should be at a rate agreed upon by the appointee, the chair, the dean, and the provost. Adjuncts are entitled to specific university fringe benefits, including library access, bookstore discounts, a computer account and a parking permit for the entire appointment.

(Approved by Board of Trustees December 16, 1966; amended by Office of Academic Affairs, September 1982, June 1988 and October 1989).