WMU Campus Climate Study

Sept. 20, 2012

Dear Colleagues:

In the coming days, you will have the opportunity to share your views in a way that will help advance one of our University’s strategic goals.

Last fall, the University adopted a new strategic plan aimed at supporting excellence through learner-centered, discovery-driven and globally engaged institutional practices. One particular goal within the strategic plan focuses on cultivating a healthy and diverse University community that recognizes the value of each individual.

As the diversity of our society and the global community continues to increase, this diversity is also reflected in our student body and the broader University community. We expect to become even more diverse in the coming years.

Our intent to remain competitive in attracting and retaining exceptional students, faculty, staff and administrators will be supported by focused efforts to understand the experiences of all members of the University community and by effective use of evidence-based decision making to identify areas for improvement. Working under the direction of the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, a large and varied group of students, staff, faculty and administrators prepared an initial plan for a Campus Climate Survey aimed at learning the perceptions and experiences of members of the WMU community regarding diversity and inclusion.

With my support, the Office of Diversity and Inclusion hired a consultant to conduct the research that we hope will yield essential information on the climate for diversity and inclusion at WMU. This research will help WMU learn about areas of strength and challenge and supply necessary information about focal issues where the University can make improvements. In order to achieve those goals, it is critical that we obtain the widest possible distribution of the survey and the largest possible response rate from all sectors of the WMU community.

Within the coming week you will receive an email from our consultant, Dr. Roger L. Worthington, with an invitation to participate in the study. It will come from qualtrics.com, and responses will go directly to Dr. Worthington. I am in full support of this important research and encourage you to participate and help move the University forward in this important area.

Best regards,
John M Dunn (signature)
John M. Dunn, President