Weekly Schedule Highlights

Jan. 26 through Feb. 1

Monday, Jan. 26

  • Meet with Senior Leadership Team.
  • Participate in a diversity workshop.
  • Do TV interview with Cable Access' Keith Rowe.

Tuesday, Jan. 27

  • Meet with Provost's Council.
  • Meet with WMU Homer Stryker M.D. School of Medicine Board of Directors.

Wednesday, Jan. 28

  • Travel to Lansing for meetings with legislators and WMU Cooley Law School leadership.

Thursday, Jan. 29

  • Attend Catalyst University.

Friday, Jan. 30

  • Attend Seita Scholars presentation at Haworth College of Business' Mercantile Band of Michigan Speaker Series.
  • Meet with Haworth College of Business Advisory Council.
  • Meet with Graduate Student Association leaders Damon Chamber and Amaury Pineda.
  • Attend and make remarks at WMU United Way campaign closing.

Saturday, Jan. 31

  • Welcome prospective students attending the Medallion Scholarship Competition.