Weekly Schedule Highlights

March 23-29

Monday, March 23

  • Meet with Senior Leadership Team.

Tuesday, March 24

  • Work with student who is job shadowing.
  • Meet with WMU Stryker School of Medicine Board of Directors.

Wednesday, March 25

  • Meet with WMU Board of Trustees.
  • Welcome high school counselors for tour of campus.

Thursday, March 26

  • Meet with guest lecturer Damon Williams and introduce him to audience attending public lecture.
  • Deliver welcome to those attending the "Wheelchair Diaries: One Step Up".

Friday, March 27

  • Deliver remarks to the Association of College Admissions Counselors.
  • Welcome contestants to Michigan Geographic Bee.
  • Attend Fridays with Friends campus mixer.
  • Attend "No Boundaries" Empathy Dinner.

Saturday, March 28

  • Attend Kalamazoo Symphony.