Mastering Flexographic Principles

TBA | Kalamazoo, Michigan USA


Join us for the Mastering Flexographic Principles, hosted by Western Michigan University’s Printing Pilot Plant in Welborn Hall. Our experts will help you examine what pieces may be missing in your business operation.

This training event will give both new and experienced employees the chance to ask questions and get answers about issues that keep your operation from reaching the next level of profitability. With a mixture of classroom as well as hands on press training, the WMU Mastering Flexographic Principles course will focus on:

  • Understanding the components and common variables of the flexographic printing process
  • Knowledge of limitations and possibilities of the process
  • Learning how to manage color both for economy, quality and consistency.
  • Best practices
  • Better communication with suppliers to achieve improved quality and efficiencies
  • All attendees should be qualified to pass the FTA Level I assessment upon completion of the course.