Nonimpact Inks and Toners

Ink Jet inks for desktop and some wide format printers are water soluble dye based.

Most pigmented ink jet inks are intended for outdoor use, oil based and UV/visible light fast.

Toners used for electrophotographic printing may be solid or liquid based.

Laser printers and Xeikon use solid toners.

Indigo electrographic digital presses uses liquid-based toners.

Liquid-based toners and pigmented ink jet inks have much in common with one another and with conventional oil-based liquid inks.

All of these consist of pigment particles dispersed in a hydrocarbon solvent.

The pigment particles are either electrically charged or polar.

Thermal wax and hot stick printers use hot melt inks.

Dye sublimation printers use dye that sublimes and diffuses into the substrate.