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Paper Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Imaging
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Graduate Program

Ph. D. — Engineering And Applied Sciences

  The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Engineering and Applied Sciences (EAS) is designed to provide a flexible vehicle to tackle new and emerging areas of research that cut across multiple disciplines or are of interest to and within the expertise of  our chemical engineering faculty. Areas of research within the chemical engineering program includes:

  • Biochemical engineering
  • Biological engineering.


    Admission requirements

    Ph. D. —Paper and Printing Science

    Admission Requirements

      Students must have a masters degree in science or engineering, with a graduate GPA of 3.25 and a GRE score above the 50th percentile.


    MS — Chemical Engineering new

    Admission Requirements

      Information on courses and admission requirements are found on the catalog page as well.

    MS—Paper and Printing Science

    Admission Requirements

      Although neither the GRE scores nor the grade point averages are used exclusively to admit or deny a student, students should have at least a GPA of 3.0 with few grades below a B in science and mathematics. GRE scores are not required but if taken scores near or above the 50th percentile will help your application.

    MS—Paper and Printing Science (Accelerated)

    Admission Requirements

      A prospective student who meets the eligibility requirements (see Admission Procedure) must set up a meeting with their undergraduate advisor and the ChP graduate advisor to develop Plans of Work for the bachelor’s and master’s degree programs



    Omkar V.

    Graduate Student,
    MS Program
    PCI, India

    "I think the best feature of PCI department is the versatility of the subjects. Students are exposed to a wide variety of knowledge in Paper Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Imaging. Excellent facilities, Graduate assistantships and state of the art laboratories provide us with the strong base for research. Co-curricular activities help to build the industry connections making it easy to find internships and jobs."
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