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Paper Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Imaging
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Program Objectives


Educational objectives broadly state how the program will meet the needs of its constituents, while at the same time being specific enough to differentiate the program from other programs. Graphic and Printing Science (Imaging) program at WMU has defined its constituents to be the program's students, faculty, alumni, and employers of the program's graduates. The program also recognizes that it has a larger, less focused constituency that includes the families of its students and faculty, the University as a whole, and society at large. The program's specific educational objectives are:

1   Career Growth: as measured by metrics such as achieving proficiency in current position, increasing responsibility, diversity of job functions, recognition, progression and/or job advancement.
2   Professional Development: as measured by metrics such as pursuing additional educational activities, professional certifications, leadership effectiveness, staying current with evolving technologies or demonstrating initiative.
3   Service: as measured by metrics such as involvement in their communities, professional societies, industry or humanitarian endeavors.
4   Innovation and entrepreneurship: as measured by metrics such as the development of new processes, devices, methods, patents, and or founding a business.

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