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by James Springstead

Lai, D, Springstead, JR, and Monbouquette, HG, "Effect of Growth Temperature on Tetraether Lipid Biochemistry in Archaeoglobus fulgidus", Extremophiles, 22 December 2007.

Lim, S, Springstead, JR, Yu, M, Bartkowski, W, Schröder, I, and Monbouquette, HG, "Identification of a Chorismate Mutase / Prephenate Dehydrogenase / Prephenate Dehydratase from Archaeoglobus fulgidus", Extremophiles, 11 December 2008.

Springstead, JR, Gugui, BG, Cha, S, Lee, S, Berliner, JA, "OxPAPC regulates endothelial cell function via interaction with specific cysteines: similarities to 15dPGJ2", in preparation


Springstead, James R.; Lai, Denton; Monbouquette, Harold, "The isoprenoid lipids of the hyperthermophilic archaeon, Archaeoglobus fulgidus." 229th ACS National Meeting, San Diego, CA, United States, March 13-17, 2005

Springstead, James R.; Monbouquette, Harold, "Elastic Moduli of Unilamellar Ether-Lipid Vesicles Estimated Using Multi Angle Laser Light Scattering." 2006 AIChE Annual Meeting, San Francisco, CA, November 12-17, 2006

Springstead, James R.; Monbouquette, Harold, "Elasticity Estimation of Unilamellar Ether-Lipid Vesicles using Multi-Angle Laser Light Scattering." SBE Meeting, Santa Barbara, CA, September 5-7, 2006

Springstead, James R. "Multi Angle Laser Light Scattering (MALLS) to Estimate Area Compressibility Elastic Moduli of Unilamellar Vesicles." UCLA Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering Departmental Seminar, Los Angeles, CA, May 25th, 2007

Springstead, James R.; Mazzotta, Mary M.; Peng, Jeff; Chen, Angela; Watson, Andrew D. "Identification of oxidized phospholipid binding sites on endothelial cell proteins." ASMS Annual Sannibel Conference, St. Petersburg, FL, January 23rd-26th, 2009

Springstead, James R.; Gugiu, B.G.; Cha, S.; Watson, A.D.; Berliner, J.A. "Regulation of endothelial cell function by covalent binding of oxidized phospholipids to critical cysteines." UCLA Department of Medicine Research Day, Los Angeles, CA. October 2nd, 2010

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