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by Andro Mondala

1.   Martinez-Guerra, E., Gude, V.G., Mondala, A., Holmes, W., Hernandez, R. (2014) Microwave and ultrasound enhanced extractive transesterification of algal lipids. Bioresource Technology 156: 240-247

2.    Mondala, A., Hernandez, R., French, T., McFarland, L., Sparks, D., Holmes, W., Haque, M. Enhanced microbial oil production by activated sludge microorganisms via co-fermentation of glucose and xylose. AIChE Journal 59(11): 4036-4044, 2013.

3.   Lamichhane Upadhyaya, K., Mondala, A., Hernandez, R., French, W.T., Green, M., McFarland, L., Holmes, W. Biocrude production by activated sludge microbial cultures using pulp and paper wastewaters as fermentation substrate. Environmental Technology: Special Issue on Bioenergy 34 (13-14): 2171-2178, 2013.

4.   Ekşioğlu, S. D., Palak, G., Mondala, A.,Greenwood, A. Supply chain designs and management for biocrude production via wastewater treatment. Environmental Progress & Sustainable Energy 32 (1): 139-147, 2013.

5.    Mondala, A., Hernandez, R., French T., McFarland, L., Sparks, D., Holmes, W., Haque, M. Effect of acetic acid on lipid accumulation by glucose-fed activated sludge cultures. Journal of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology 87(1): 33-41, 2012.

6.   Mondala, A.H., Hernandez, R., French, W.T.,Santo Domingo, J.W., Meckes, M., McFarland, L., Ryu, H., Iker, B. Enhanced lipid and biodiesel production from glucose-fed activated sludge: kinetics and microbial community analysis. AIChE Journal 58(4): 1279-1290, 2012.

7.    Mondala, A.H., Hernandez, R., French, W.T., Estévez, L.A., Meckes, M., Trillo, M., Hall, J. Preozonation of primary-treated municipal wastewater for reuse in biofuel feedstock generation. Environmental Progress & Sustainable Energy 30(4): 666-674, 2011.

8.   Pham, P.J., Hernandez, R., French, W.T., Estill, B.G., Mondala, A.H. A spectrophotometric method for the quantitative determination of xylose in fermentation media. Biomass and Bioenergy 35(7): 2814-2821, 2011.

9.    Hall, J.I., Hetrick, M., French, T., Hernandez, R., Donaldson, J., Mondala, A., Holmes, W. Oil production by a consortium of oleaginous microorganisms grown on primary effluent wastewater. Journal of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology 86(1): 54-60, 2011.

10.  Mondala, A., Liang, K., Toghiani, H., Hernandez, R., French, T. Biodiesel production by in situ transesterification of municipal primary and secondary sludges. Bioresource Technology 100(3): 1203-1210, 2009.

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