Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering at WMU

Chemical Engineers at WMU are part of the College of Engineering and Applied Science and must take the pre-engineering program which includes base level courses in mathematics, physics, chemistry, and technical communications. 


Chemical Engineering courses develop knowledge in the kinetics and thermodynamics of chemical systems as well as processes that involve the transfer of mass, energy, and momentum. Instrumentation and control are key elements of other courses. A capstone design course integrates all of this knowledge as it is brought to bear on the design of an industrial process.

Each Chemical Engineer must select 17 credit hours in one of 5 options.  Two of these options-- Pulp and Paper; Inks and Imaging -- leverage WMU's worldwide reputation in pulp, paper, and printing engineering. The Life Sciences option provides a strong background in biology, while the Pollution Prevention and Energy Management options provide significant background in environmental issues and energy resource management, respectively.

Curriculum Summary
 Chemical Engineering 
44 Credits 
 Other Engineering Disciplines 
6 Credits 
16 Credits 
19 Credits 
10 Credits 
4  Credits
 Humanities and Social Sciences 
18 Credits 
  Energy Management 
17 Credits 
  Pulp and Paper 
17 Credits 
  Imaging and Inks 
17 Credits 
  Life Sciences
17 Credits 
  Pollution Prevention
17 Credits 
 Curriculum Total 
134 Credits 

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Students Entering in Fall, 2008 and later

        Freshman and Sophomore Years
        Junior and Senior Years

Students entering before Fall, 2008

Freshman and Sophomore Years
Junior and Senior Years