User Accounts

User Accounts

User Accounts

The Kronos Timekeeper/Supervisor Form is used to set up or change Kronos User Accounts. User Accounts give departmental timekeepers and supervisors access to Kronos. Kronos is intended for use by authorized employees only. Authorization for use is at the discretion of department management.

Adding A New Department

Check the “New Department Form” box if:

  1. You are a new WMU department that has not been previously defined in Kronos under anyone’s security access.
  2. The WMU department you are adding has a new Timekeeper and/or Supervisor not previously defined in Kronos.

When defining a new WMU department to Kronos all sections of the form must be completed.  The completed form must be effective dated, signed and dated then either mailed or faxed to the payroll department.  If you are unsure of the exact information required please call the payroll department.

Existing Department Changes

If you already have Kronos security access and you want to perform any of the following changes, check all boxes that apply.  Multiple changes can be included on one form.

  1. Changing the Timekeepers.
  2. Changing Supervisors.
  3. Adding new departments to your access.
  4. Deleting departments from your access.

Your Department Number and Name must be filled in regardless of the actions you are performing and the form must be effective dated, signed and dated then either mailed or faxed to the payroll department. 

Changing Timekeepers and/or Supervisors

If you are changing Timekeepers or Supervisors then their Name, Phone Number, Email Address and the name of the previous Timekeeper and/or Supervisor must be filled in.  BroncoNet ID must be included when submitting form.

Activate Temporary Timekeeper

To initiate a Temporary Timekeeper during the absence of the department’s regular Timekeeper you must submit a KR Temporary Timekeeper Form.

Adding or Deleting Departments

If the department (cost center) is new to your department then a single action of “Add” is all that is required.  If the department is being eliminated from your department, then a single action of “Del” is all that is required.

The addition or deletion of departments can occur at the timekeeper level or at the supervisor level.  If you want to add/delete for one but not the other fill out the KR Timekeeper/Supervisor Form only filling in the appropriate part.


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