Pay Stub

Pay Stub

Pay Stub

Using Employee Self Service

View Paycheck allows an employee to view the following information:

View Paycheck in Employee Self Service
  1. Basic employee and job information including your tax withholding status.
  2. Current and YTD earnings for all types of earnings for the current year.
  3. When earnings are paid that are not taxable they will be noted with a ** next to them.
  4. Before and after tax deductions with current and YTD amounts for all deductions taken for the current year.
  5. Employer Paid Benefits show those benefits paid by WMU on your behalf. If they are Taxable they will be shown with a *.
  6. Leave balances with used and available.
  7. Net Pay Distributions are those amounts that you have designated to be deposited into different accounts at your bank.

Incorrect Pay

If your hours are incorrect, then your first point of contact should be with your timekeeper. Your timekeeper is the person responsible for entering your hours into Kronos the University's time recording system.

If after checking with your timekeeper you determine that all hours were reported correctly then you should call the Payroll Department at 387-2935.

Please note: When contacting the Payroll Office for assistance, please reference your Employee ID number (see location above) for quicker and confidential service.



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