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Bachelor of Science (BS)

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Credits Required: 60
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Industry Highlights

  • In 2009, 84% of people who received bachelor's degrees the previous year were gainfully employed.

National Center for Education Statistics

Making Recreation enjoyable is a full-time job

The recreation industry is about much more than resorts and park-like settings. The management opportunities in recreation provide many arenas in which talented professionals develop in their careers.

The Bachelor of Science in Recreation from the Department of Human Performance and Health Education at WMU focuses on preparing students for those opportunities. Coursework is focused on educating students about recreation and leisure leadership, program and service development, delivery and management.

Why Recreation at Western Michigan University

WMU prides itself on offering degrees that stand out from the crowd. The Recreation bachelor's degree offers a wide variety of courses and experiences for its students. Instructors offer guidance to students, allowing them to develop the professional skills required for careers in community, campus, commercial, government, or private settings.

The Recreation degree prepares recipients to assume leadership roles. During the coursework, two service opportunities are available. Field experience or an internship help prepare students with real world situations.

Who should apply

Recreation at WMU-Muskegon is a degree completion program. Students are encouraged to complete a related associate degree program before applying for admission to the program.

Career opportunities

Because of the industry is so varied, there are many different career possibilities with a BS in Recreation.

  • Event planner
  • Park ranger
  • Cruise ship activities director
  • Park director
  • Recreation supervisor
  • Instructor
  • Sports director
  • Camp director
  • Municipal park director
  • Museum director
  • YMCA staff

Employer tuition reimbursement

If your employer has a tuition reimbursement program, find out about WMU’s deferment program for employer paid tuition.

"Best bang for the buck"

Washington Monthly placed WMU on a list of national universities that offer "the best bang for the buck." WMU came in at No. 50 based on the economic value students receive per dollar.