REU Yearbook 2009

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Participating Students Home Institution REU Mentor Project
Jordan Bergmann

University of Notre Dame

Christine Byrd-Jacobs Mitotic activity following chemical ablation of the olfactory epithelium in zebrafish.
Jay Biernat Marygrove College Charles Ide Assessment of soil composition and vegetation survey of Old Field, Forest 1 and Savanna areas of the Asylum Lake Property.
Emily Darvin University of Wisconsin Platteville Silvia Rossbach SINORHIZOBIUM MELILOTI HEAVY MEATAL RESISTANCE
Erin Driscoll Minnesota State University Elke Schoffers

Synthesis and characterization of 1,10-Phenanthroline derivatives

Michael Fombang Western Michigan University Susan Stapleton Characterization of cell signaling pathways involved in insulin resistance.
Nicholas Helmstetter Kalamazoo College Maria Scott Antimicrobial effects of silver nanoparticles and nanoparticles functionalized with ampicillin
Michelle Mitchener Cedarville University David Huffman Probing the Structural Conformation of WLN1-6 Copper-binding Domains
Dominique Ousley Western Michigan University John Spitsbergen The effects of voluntary exercise on nerve growth factor expression and innervation in arteries and veins.
Ke'Leon Rockett Kalamazoo Valley Community College Donald Kane Is zombie a result of a mutation in the gene CDC20?
Jennifer Smith Clarke College James Kiddle Synthesis and Characterization of Germacrenes.


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