REU Yearbook 2008

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Keenan Bailey

Kalamazoo College

John Geiser Understanding Temperature-Sensitive Suppressors of YopT in Mutant Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Katherine Burton Alma College Pam Hoppe Chemical mutagenesis for new alleles of unc-82 and other viable mutations that change muscle function and structure in Caenorhabditis elegans
Robyn Franklin Bringham Young University Christine Byrd-Jacobs A Study of Neuronal Regeneration in the Olfactory Epithelium of Zebrafish
Edward Heldrop Hope College Steve Kohler Parasitic infection and food stress affect mottled sculpin growth rates
Paige Howell Kalamazoo College David Cowen Diploid Male Production in a Natural Population of Monobia Quadridens
Brittaney Jackson Oakwood College Cindy Linn Two in-vivo methods of inducing glaucoma in Long Evan rats
Robert Jones University of Michigan - Dearborn David Reinhold Potassium Dichromate Effects on Ataxia Telangiectasia Mutated (ATM) Protein in Human Fibroblasts
Phoebe Peneman Tougaloo College James Kiddle Synthesis and Free Radical Kinetic Studies of Carcinogenic Compounds Containing a Nitrogen-Nitrogen Single Bond
Nichol Sanabria Richard J Daley College Donald Kane Fate of the intermediate mesoderm: to be blood or not to be?
Marquita Watkins Tougaloo College John Spitsbergen Effect of Voluntary Exercise on Neurotrophic Factor Expression and Innervation in Rat Cardiac Muscle.


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