REU Yearbook 2004

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Participating Students Home Institution REU Mentor Project
Brett Blaauw Kalamazoo College Stephen Malcolm Density dependent dynamics of plant defense through three trophic levels: Milkweeds, Aphids, & Coccinellids
Michael Clift   James Kiddle An investigation of an alternative cause of organophosphate induced delayed neuropathy
Donell Collins Oakwood College David Huffman Isolation, cloning and protein expression of domain constructs of the Wilson protein
Darla Gilliard   Wendy Ransom-Hodgkins Regulation of  eEF-1a by a phosphoglycerolethanolamine posttranslational modification
Claire Gushurst University of Notre Dame John Spitsbergen The neurotrophic factors GDNF and NGF are produced by rat cardiac muscle and are associated with specific neuronal phenotypes
Shantel King Oakwood College Cindy Linn AKT is involved in ACh-induced neuroprotection against glutamate-induced excitotoxicity in pig retinal ganglion cells
Lesley Leighann   David Huffman Purification of domain three of Wilson protein
Martin Jaselle   Robert Eversole Preliminary investigation of vaccine specificity determining preferential uptake of S-2 vaccine
Noelle Oas St. Mary's University Alexander Enyedi Effects of light intensity on the biosynthesis of salicylic acid in NN and nahG tobacco plants
Philip Roberts   Marc Perkovic The effect of various leaving groups on yield in the synthesis of 1,4,7-trithiacyclononane
Kristina Schneider   Susan Stapleton Signaling and transcription factor activation
Amanda Stanton   John Geiser Modification of the SimA gene of cyclosporin
Ruth Villanueva Mount St Mary's College Christine Byrd Expression of glutamate receptor subunit 4 in the olfactory bulb cells of normal and deafferented adult zebrafish, Danio rerio


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