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Unhappiness in old agePhoto of Janet Hahn
Oct. 26, 2017 | WMU News
They're supposed to be the golden years, but a new survey shows some 28 percent of recent retirees report life is actually worse in retirement. Much of that comes down to money, says Dr. Janet Hahn, coordinator of the WMU Center for Gerontology.

The GOP tax reform planPhoto of Christopher Korth
Oct. 6, 2017 | WMU News
President Trump has proposed sweeping changes to the federal tax code that would cut taxes for individuals and businesses. But the plan fails to account for the lost revenue that would sharply drive up the federal deficit and debt, says Dr. Christopher Korth, a WMU professor emeritus of finance and commercial law and author of the book "Sensible Tax Reform."

The advantages of being bored at workPhoto of Douglas Lepisto
Sept. 28, 2017 | WMU News
We live in a time that emphasizes efficiency and productivity. But breaks from work can spark creativity and enhance job performance, says Dr. Douglas Lepisto, a WMU assistant professor of management.

"Battle of the Sexes"Photo of Linda Borish
Sept. 25, 2017 | WMU News
The new film, "Battle of the Sexes," turns real-life events surrounding the historic tennis match between Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs into a crowd-pleasing drama about King's quest for respect for women's tennis. In real life, King was hesitant to play Riggs until he defeated Margaret Court, another women's tennis champion, says Dr. Linda Borish, a WMU professor of history and sport history expert.

Flooding from hurricanes and severe stormsPhoto of Chansheng He
Sept. 14, 2017 | WMU News
The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change forecasts an increase in severe weather events. Whether climate change is the cause, urban sprawl and poor urban infrastructure has greatly increased floods and flood damage, says Dr. Chansheng He, a WMU professor of geography and hydrology and water resources expert.