Eco-Thon Hall Involvement

Resident assistant programming

RA programming counts toward 30 percent of the overall score. RAs serve as a major source of leadership for students living in residence halls. They are depended on for information and inspiration regarding events and initiatives in the halls and on campus. RAs are encouraged to be involved in Eco-thon through development and execution of student programs. In order to earn the full 30 percent for their residence hall, RAs plan events for their floors or collaborate with other RAs to plan an event for multiple floors or the entire hall. Each event can earn up to 15 points. A peer group serving on the RA Programming Committee is responsible for awarding 12 of the points through ratings (0-4) in three categories:

  1. Originality/creativity
  2. Sustainability focus
  3. Overall impact.

The remaining 3 points are allocated based on educational effort and impact of the program. This rating is scored by the Residence Life Sustainability Committee, which is comprised of Residence Life staff and graduate students. After each event is evaluated, a final score is calculated by determining the average score of the events organized by each RA.·

Hall government involvement

Hall governments are also encouraged to plan and execute events during the four week competition. Their involvement counts toward 5% of the overall score. Each event is worth 5 points. The score is based on effort and number of events and is determined by the Residence Life Sustainability Committee.