Highlighted External Funding Opportunities

Research program officers in Western Michigan University’s Office of the Vice President for Research are always on the lookout for interesting grants. Here are some of their highlighted choices followed by a listing of opportunities arranged by area of interest and application deadline:

New opportunities for NOVEMBER

National Science Foundation

Title: Computational Mathematics
Application deadline:  ongoing deadline of Dec. 1 annually

Supports mathematical research in areas of science where computation plays a central and essential role, emphasizing analysis, development and implementation of numerical methods and algorithms, and symbolic methods. The prominence of computation with analysis and ultimate implementation efficiency of the computational methods in the research is a hallmark of the program. Proposals ranging from single-investigator projects that develop and analyze innovative computational methods to interdisciplinary team projects that not only create and analyze new mathematical and computational techniques but also use/implement them to model, study, and solve important application problems are strongly encouraged.

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Title: Developing Solutions for Social Isolation in the United States: Learning from the World
Application deadline:  Dec. 21

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation believes that everyone in America—no matter who that person is, how much money they have, or where they live—should have as much opportunity as possible to pursue a healthier life. They call that vision a Culture of Health and work with people across the country to build a Culture of Health. Across the globe, countries are taking steps to improve health and well-being in their communities. RWJF is collaborating with people and organizations around the world to uncover insights that can inspire all to imagine new possibilities and to surface practical solutions that can be adapted here in the United States. With this call for proposals, RWJF is looking for the best ideas from around the world that address social isolation and promote positive, healthy social connections, and well-being.

Spencer Foundation

Title: Small Research Grants
Application deadline:  ongoing deadlines of Feb. 1, May 1 and Aug. 1 annually

The Small Research Grants program is intended to support education research projects with budgets of $50,000 or less. In keeping with the Spencer Foundation’s mission, this program aims to fund academic work that will contribute to the improvement of education, broadly conceived.

Historically, the work they have funded through these grants has spanned a range of topics and disciplines, including education, psychology, sociology, economics, history and anthropology, and they employ a wide range of research methods. The following examples of recently funded small grants illustrate the diversity of what they support:
•  an experimental study of how college students use visual representations in solving math problems
•  a study exploring the process of racial and rural identity formation among African American high-school students who attend de facto segregated schools in the rural South
•  a mixed-methods study focusing on the different types of knowledge novice and experienced teachers draw on in teaching for reading comprehension 

Clif Bar Family Foundation

Title: Clif Bar Family Foundation Small Grants
Application deadline:  ongoing deadlines of Feb. 1, June 1 and Oct. 1 annually

The Clif Bar Family Foundation awards grants for general organizational support as well as funding for specific projects. Small grants average $7,000 per year. Priority is given to applicants who holistically address the following funding priorities:
•  Protect Earth's beauty and bounty
•  Create a robust, healthy food system
•  Increase opportunities for outdoor activity
•  Reduce environmental health hazards
•  Build stronger communities


ongoing opportunities by subject Area


date driven opportunities by Subject area



Sustaining Cultural Heritage Collections—National Endowment for the Humanities
Application deadline:  Dec. 5

Scholarly Editions and Translations Grants—National Endowment for the Humanities
Application deadline:  Dec. 6

Collaborative Research Grants—National Endowment for the Humanities
Application deadline:  Dec. 6

Securing Justice: Developing the Capacity of Mexican Justice Sector Operators within the New Criminal Justice System—Bureau of International Narcotics-Law Enforcement
Application deadline:  Dec. 11, 2018

Strengthening the Organizational Capacity and Regional Network of Disabled Persons Organizations in Southeast Asia—Bureau of Democracy Human Rights and Labor
Application deadline:  Jan. 8, 2018

Digital Extension Grants—American Council of Learned Societies supports digitally based research projects in all disciplines of the humanities
Application deadline:  Jan. 10, 2018

Public Humanities Projects—National Endowment for the Humanities
Application deadline:  Jan. 10, 2018

National Digital Newspaper Program—National Endowment for the Humanities
Application deadline:  Jan. 11, 2018

Promoting Freedom of Expression in UkraineBureau of Democracy Human Rights and Labor
Application deadline:  Jan. 24, 2018

Public Scholar Program—National Endowment for the Humanities. Awards go to individuals, not to institutions. 
Application deadline:  Feb. 1, 2018

AHA Research Grants—American Historical Association grants for their association members.
Application deadline:  Feb. 15, 2018

Graham Foundation—Development and exchange of diverse and challenging ideas about architecture and its role in the arts, culture, and society.
Application deadline:  Feb. 25, 2018

Travel and Research Grants—American Musicological Society grants for their society members.
Application deadline:  Apr. 2, 2018

PARTNERSHIPS with MCC Program—Millennium Challenge Corporation
Concept papers due on Dec. 13, Feb. 2, March 30, May 31 or Nov. 8, 2018.


Education/Economic and Community Development

Conference Grants for Advancing Education ResearchSpencer Foundation
Application deadline:  Dec. 1

Training and Technical Assistance to Improve Water Quality and Enable Small Public Water Systems to Provide Safe Drinking Water—Environmental Protection Agency
Application deadline:  Dec. 4

Development and Deployment of Innovative Asphalt Pavement Technologies—Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration 
Application deadline:  Dec. 6

Environmental Workforce Development and Job Training (EWDJT) Grants—Environmental Protection Agency
Application deadline:  Dec. 15

Environmental Literacy Grants: Supporting the education of K-12 students and the public for community resilience—Department of Commerce NOAA
Application deadline:  Dec. 19

2018 Preservation Technology and Training Grants—National Park Service
Application deadline:  Jan. 4, 2018

Psychological Health and Traumatic Brain Injury Peer Support Program Translational Research Award—Department of Defense
Application deadline:  pre-application by Jan. 5,2018

Youth Service and Conservation Corps Workforce Development—DOT Federal Highway Administration
Application deadline:  Jan. 8, 2018

National Trails System Information, Corridor Protection, and Training—DOT Federal Highway Administration
Application deadline:  Jan. 9, 2018 

Research Grants—American Educational Research Association
Application deadline:  Jan. 17, 2018

American Battlefield Protection Program Battlefield Preservation Planning Project Grants—National Park Service
Application deadine:  Jan. 18, 2018

Public Humanities Projects—National Endowment for the Humanities
Application deadline:  Jan. 10, 2018 

Early Career Research Awards—W. E. Upjohn Institute seeking proposals on all issues related to labor markets and public workforce policy.
Application deadline:  Jan. 26, 2018

Partnerships for Innovation—National Science Foundation 18-511
Application deadline:  Feb. 1, 2018

NCAA Choices Grant—The National Collegiate Athletic Association funds projects to partner athletics with other campus departments in the development and implementation of effective alcohol education
Application deadline:  Feb. 14, 2018



Innovation grants to support studies that will increase our understanding of suicideAmerican Foundation for Suicide Prevention
Application deadline:  Nov. 15 

Women's HIV/AIDS Cohort Study (WHCS ) (R01)—National Institute of Health 18-018
Application deadline:  Letter of intent by Nov. 15

Time-Sensitive Obesity Policy and Program Evaluation (R01)—National Institute of Health 15-346
Application deadline:  Letter of intent by Dec. 1, Jan. 13, 2018, Feb. 13, 2018, Mar. 10, 2018 or May 11, 2018

BRAIN Initiative: Development of Next Generation Human Brain Imaging Tools and Technologies (U01)—National Institute of Health 17-004
Application deadline:  Letter of intent by Nov. 20

BRAIN Initiative: Proof of Concept Development of Early Stage Next Generation Human Brain Imaging (R01)—National Institute of Health 17-003
Application deadline:  Letter of intent by Nov. 20

Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs PHTBI Applied Behavior Analysis Clinical Study AwardDepartment of Defense 
Application deadline:  pre-application due Nov. 30

Simulation Modeling and Systems Science to Address Health Disparities (R01)—National Institute of Health 18-331. Letter of intent by Dec. 10, May 6, 2018, Dec. 8, 2018 or May 7, 2019

Research Grants for Junior Faculty—American Federation for Aging Research
Application deadline:  Letter of intent by Dec. 15

Feasibility and Planning Studies for Development of Specialized Programs of Research Excellence (SPOREs) to Investigate Cancer Health Disparities (P20)—National Institute of Health17-033
Application deadline:  Letter of intent by Dec. 18

FY 2018 Opioid State Targeted Response Technical Assistance—Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Aministration
Application deadline:  Dec. 26

Lupus, Impact AwardDepartment of Defense
Application deadline:  
Letter of intent by Jan. 4, 2018

Maternal and Child Health Secondary Data Analysis Research Programeing of MCH population—Health Resources and Services Administration 18-072
Applicatino deadline:  Jan. 8, 2018

Role of Peripheral Proteostasis on Brain Aging and Alzheimer's Disease (R01)—National Institute of Health RFA-AG 18-020
Application deadline:  Jan. 9, 2018

Pathogenesis of Age-Related HIV Neurodegeneration (R01)—National Institute of Health RFA-AG 18-023
Letter of intent by  Jan. 9, 2018

Domestic Violence Prevention Enhancement and Leadership Through Alliances Impact—Center for Disease Control
Application deadline:  Jan. 16, 2018

Alcohol Use Disorders: Behavioral Treatment, Services and Recovery Research (R21)—National Institute of Health 18-202. Application deadline:  Letter of intent by Jan. 16 or May 16, 2018. (R03)—National Institute of Health 18-201. Application deadline:  Letter of intent by Jan. 16 or May 16, 2018.

BRAIN Initiative: Exploratory Research Opportunities Using Invasive Neural Recording and Stimulating Technologies in the Human Brain (U01)—National Institute of Health 18-010
Application deadline:  Letter of intent by Jan. 19, 2018

Mechanisms of Disparities for HIV- Related Co-morbidities in Health Disparity Populations (R01)—National Institute of Health RFA-MD 18-002
Application deadline:  Letter of intent by Jan. 21, 2018

Systems Biology Approaches using Non-Mammalian Laboratory Animals to Uncover Causes of Neurodegeneration that Might Underlie Alzheimers Disease and Related Dementias (R01)—National Institute of Health 18-021
Application deadline:  Letter of intent by Jan. 21, 2018.

Enhancing Central Neural Control of Mobility in Aging (U01)National Institute of Health RFA-AG 18-019
Application deadline:  Letter of intent by Jan. 21, 2018

Immunity in the Elderly (R01)National Institute of Health RFA-AI 17-037
Application deadline:  Letter of intent by Jan. 22, 2018

Using Technology to Prevent Childhood Obesity in Low-Income Families and Communities—Department of Health and Human Services
Application deadline:  Jan. 31, 2018

Harnessing Big Data to Halt HIV (R01)—National Institute of Health 15-273
Application deadline:  Feb. 5, 2018

Maternal Nutrition and Pre-pregnancy Obesity: Effects on Mothers, Infants and Children (R01)National Institute of Health PA18-135.
Application deadline: Feb. 5, 2018

HIV/AIDS High Priority Drug Abuse Research (R01)—National Institute of Health 18-063.
Application deadlines:  Feb. 5 and June 5, 2018

Exploiting RNA as a Target for HIV Interventions (R21)—National Institute of Health 15-272. 
Application deadline:  Feb. 16, 2018

Small Research Grant Program (R03)—Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
Application deadline:  Feb. 16 and June 16, 2018

BRAIN Initiative: Targeted BRAIN Circuits Projects- TargetedBCP (R01)—National Institute of Health 18-009
Application deadline:  Letter of intent by Mar. 15, 2018



ROSES 2017: Habitable Worlds—National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Application deadline:  Nov. 16

Energy Efficiency Research and Development for Fluid-Power Systems In Off-Road Vehicles—Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy
Concept paper deadline:  Nov. 20

ROSES 2017: Lunar Data Analysis—NASA NSIRES
Application deadline: Step 1 applications due Nov. 30

Modeling-enhnced Innovations trailblazing Nuclear Energy Reinvigoration (Meitner)Advanced Research Projects Agency – Energy.
Concept paper deadline:  Dec. 4

ROSBio Appendix G: Solicitation of Proposals for Flight and Ground Space Biology Research—NASA NSIRES
Letter of intent by Dec. 4

National Science Foundation Research Traineeship Program—National Science Foundation 15-507
Letter of intent by Dec. 6. Full proposal due Feb. 6, 2018

3D Visualization utilizing a Dynamic Environment—NSWC - CRANE CRANBAA18-003
Application deadline:  Dec 8

Real-time 3D camera system using Extended Depth from Defocus and Microfluidic Lens—NSWC - CRANE CRANBAA18-004
Application deadline:  Dec 8

Defense University Research-to-Adoption Initiative—Department of Defense N00014-18-S-F004
White papers due by Dec. 11

Improving Undergraduate STEM Education—National Science Foundation 17-590
Application deadline:  Dec. 12 

Solar, Heliospheric, and INterplanetary Environment—National Science Foundation 15-606
Application deadline:  Dec. 13 

Round 3 of Research to Operations Initiative: NOAA Testbeds—Department of Commerce
Letter on intent by Dec. 13

Biotechnology Risk Assessment Research Grants Program—U.S. Department of Agriculture. 
Application deadline:  letter of intent by Dec. 21

Preservation Technology and Training Grants—U.S. Department of the Interior National Parks Service
Application deadline:  Jan. 4, 2018

Collaborative Research in Computational Neuroscience—National Science Foundation 18-501
Application deadline:  Jan. 5, 2018

Great Lakes Fish and Wildlife Restoration Act—U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
Application deadline:  Jan. 8, 2018

IBRAIN Initiative: Research Resource Grants for Technology Integration and Dissemination—National Institute of Health 18-005
Application deadline:  Letter of intent by Jan. 9, 2018

Real-Time Intelligent Traveler Wayfinding—Department of Homeland Security
Application deadlines:  Jan. 18, April 18, July 17 and Oct. 18, 2018

Campus Cyberinfrastructure—National Science Foundation 15-508
Application deadline:  Jan. 30, 2018

International Research Experiences for Students—National Science Foundation 15-505
Application deadline for Track I: IRES Sites Jan. 30 and Sept. 18, 2018 
Application deadline for Track II: Advaned Studies Institutes Feb. 6 and Sept. 11, 2018
Application deadline for Track III: New Concepts in International Graduate Experience Feb. 13 and Sept. 25, 2018

Enabling Discovery through GEnomic Tools—National Science Foundation 18-506
Application deadline:  Feb. 1, 2018

Collaboration on Tissue Engineering on the International Space Station to Benefit Life on Earth—National Science Foundation 18-514
Application deadline:  Feb. 12, 2018

Dimensions of Biodiversity—National Science Foundation 18-512
Application deadline:  Feb. 28, 2018

Advanced Technology Innovation Broad Agency Announcement for the Missile Defense Agency Advanced Technology—Missile Defense Agency
Application deadline:  Feb. 28, 2018

Effort to Expand the NSF INCLUDES National Network—National Science Foundation
Application deadline:  April 16, 2018

Innovative Cross-Domain Cyber Reactive Information Sharing—Department of Defense
Accepting white papers only until Sept. 30, 2018

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