Financial adviser

The RSO financial advisor is available to help you as you manage the financial aspects of your registered student organization at Western Michigan University. This includes helping you manage and track your on-campus financial accounts, processing paperwork, fund raising ideas, and explaining university policies and procedures. If you need assistance with RSO financial matters, please contact Terri Riemland.

Walk-in office hours

Bernhard Center, Room 223
Monday through Friday
9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

2017-18 Financial Handbook

RSO orientation

Date:                     Time:                                Location:
9/11/2017           10:30am-12:00pm          242 Brown/Gold BC
9/13/2017           1:30pm-3:00pm              242 Brown/Gold BC
9/15/2017           9:00am-10:30am            242 Brown/Gold BC
9/18/2017           3:00pm-4:30pm              209 BC
9/25/2017           2:00pm-3:30pm              210 BC
10/02/2017         2:00pm-3:30pm              242 Brown/Gold BC
10/11/2017         3:00pm-4:30pm              113 Presidents Dinning BC
10/16/2017         10:30am-12:00pm          242 Brown/Gold BC
11/03/2017         9:30am-11:00am            242 Brown/Gold BC
11/08/2017         2:00pm-3:30pm              242 Brown/Gold BC
11/13/2017         10:30pm-12:00pm          242 Brown/Gold BC

Please remember that space is limited for each Orientation, so you will need to RSVP via ExperienceWMU on the Office of Student Engagement events page. You must also be a currently enrolled student and your RSO must be registered on ExperienceWMU to attend Orientation.
In addition, each RSO must attend RSO Orientation every year before submitting any requests to allocations. If you have any questions, please contact Terri Riemland at

RSVP now

Please note you may need to log in with your BroncoNet ID and password to see the dates. Please note the RSO you are attending for in the comments section.


  • How to advertise and promote your RSO/events.
  • How to reserve a room.
  • How to receive RSO Recognition.
  • How to obtain funding for your RSO.
  • How to fill out financial paper work.

Allocating Bodies

All RSOs must attend RSO Orientation before they can request funding from allocations.

Financial forms

Do not print any of these forms double sided.