Plan It 4-Ward

What is Plan It 4-Ward?

*** A tool that can be used to help you develop a/an:

  • Comprehensive, personalized academic plan and experiences during your entire time at WMU.
  • Plan that will support and reinforce financial well-being through consistent education and application.
  • Plan that bridges personal interests and career aspirations through intentional educational and experiential opportunities beginning first-year through graduation from WMU.
  • Integrated co-curricular experiences that compliments your overall WMU experience through involvement, participation and engagement.

How can Plan It 4-Ward benefit me?

*** Using the Plan It 4-Ward tool means:

  • You have access to the expertise and resources of multiple offices across campus (Academic Advising, Financial Aid, Career and Student Employment, Graduate College, your department and faculty mentor, etc.) designed to support and assist as you progress through the university.
  • That you are not working alone to accomplish your education and career goals.
  • You are being focused, conscientious and intentional as you progress through your field of study – potentially minimizing your time to graduation.

How do I use Plan It 4-Ward?

  • Use Plan It 4-Ward as a strategy to make continued progress toward graduation.
  • Meet with your support team regularly (at least once a semester) to maintain consistent progress toward graduation.
  • Consistently review and update each section of your Plan-It 4-Ward tool as appropriate.

 How much time will it involve?

  • You can probably anticipate 4-6 hours per semester which would include meeting with someone from your support team and updating your Plan It 4-Ward tool.

Is Plan It 4-Ward different from the WMU Signature Program?

  • Yes, Plan It 4-Ward and the WMU Signature Program are DIFFERENT.
  • Plan It 4-Ward is designed to connect you to resources, opportunities and experiences that cumulatively prepare you for success inside and outside the classroom.
  • Plan It 4-Ward intentionally assist students in identifying personal support and assistance via the support team as described above.
  • WMU Signature offers a student initiated trajectory to explore and develop one's passions and interests through co-curricular experiences.  It provides a faculty and staff informed framework for students to intentionally focus their engagement.  Upon completion of their WMU Signature Pathway, students will receive recognition with a university endorsed designation on their transcript and diploma.

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