Research Carrel Information

Thirty-eight carrels are available in Waldo Library for faculty and graduate student use. The Libraries has established the following guidelines to insure fair and impartial access by researchers in each group to these popular carrels.

  1. Research carrels are for the use of WMU active full-time faculty and graduate students who are engaged in writing or research requiring extensive use of library materials. They may not be used for offices, conferences, or other purposes.
  2. Graduate students must include a letter from a faculty member or the Dean of the Graduate College, supporting the research nature of the request, along with their application.
  3. Retired faculty actively engaged in writing and research may also request a carrel.


  1. Applications are available on the library website and in the Administrative Office (room 3008, third floor, Waldo Library). Completed applications should be returned to the Waldo Library Administration Offices, Manager Business/Operations, #5353. Carrels are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis.
  2. Carrels are reserved for faculty for a period of one year, with an opportunity to renew for a second year. Carrels for graduate students are reserved for a period of one semester, with the opportunity to renew on a semester-by-semester basis. There is a two-year limit on carrel use if there is a waiting list.
  3. One month before the end of each semester, carrel holders will be contacted about their carrel usage and to determine if they wish to renew the carrel. If no renewal is requested, the carrel will be assigned to another person.
  4. If a faculty member or graduate student expects to be away from campus for a significant period of time, s/he will be required to remove all personal contents and the carrel will be assigned to another person.

Carrel Use

  1. The individual’s Bronco Card will be activated to allow access to the carrel via a card swipe reader.
  2. Access will be provided only to the person assigned to the carrel. Carrel holders may not reassign their carrels to someone else, nor give permission for its use by other persons without first consulting with the Manager Business/Operations.
  3. Carrel holders may bring their own computers into their carrels. However, the Library cannot be responsible for the loss of any items left in the carrels.
  4. Card swipe access is monitored by the Libraries’ administration. The Libraries reserves the right to reassign a carrel if an individual goes two months or longer with no use.
  5. When a carrel is vacated, all personal property should be removed, as everything found during clean-out will be discarded.
  6. Please note: (a) Carrels will be cleaned weekly. (b) The window in the carrel door must remain clear for security purposes. (c) Carrels are located on third floor in a ‘Quiet Zone’ area, talking or other noise is not allowed. (d) A designated cell phone usage area is located in the center stairwell of the building.

Abuse or circumvention of the guidelines may result in the loss of carrel privileges.

Book Use in Carrels

  1. All books/materials kept in the carrels must be checked out at the Access Services Desk in the same manner as for external use.
  2. When the borrower has finished with a book, it must be returned to a book return slot or the Access Services Desk so the borrower’s record can be correctly updated. Please, do not reshelf the book.
  3. Reference books and periodicals may not be kept in the carrels. It is suggested that photocopies be made of journal articles for the carrel holder’s use.
  4. Carrels will be checked regularly by a library employee and at the end of each semester. Items that are not checked out or are overdue will be removed and returned to the collection.