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Photo portrait of Geraldine Heng.

Geraldine Heng

Thursday, Nov. 2


Sponsored by the Goliardic Society and the Department of English

A Man for All Seasons: Saladin and How the West Made New Races; or, Slavery, Sexual Mixing, and Slave Dynasties

Geraldine Heng
University of Texas at Austin

7 p.m.
1028 Brown Hall

Geraldine Heng is Perceval fellow and associate professor of English and comparative literature at the University of Texas, with a joint appointment in Middle Eastern studies and women's studies.  She holds the Perceval endowment for Medieval Romance, Historiography, and Culture, an endowment created to support her research and teaching.

Heng is founder and co-director of the Global Middle Ages Projects (G-MAP), the Mappamundi cybernetic initiatives and the Scholarly Community for the Globalization of the Middle Ages (SCGMA).