Sculpture Tour


The WMU Sculpture Tour is comprised of contemporary art works on loan to WMU, typically for periods of two to three years. Over the past 17 years the tour has featured the works of more than 100 notable artists, and has become point of pride on the University's main campus. The pieces represent varied conceptual and stylistic approaches to sculpture, often involving student and the community participation in their creation. The tour has earned a reputation for innovation and quality and has placed WMU on the national map of sculpture destinations.

ContainmentHomage to CraftsmanshipSentinelTechnophiliaWonder Wood

Current Tour

Artists—Charlie Brouwer, Dora Natella, Tom Otterness, Austin Collins, Ken Thompson, Nicole Beck

For more information contact:

Indra Lācis
Director of Exhibitions
(269) 387-2455
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