Northern Medieval World

The Medieval Institute at Western Michigan University boasts a longstanding reputation in Old English, Old Norse, Anglo-Saxon Studies and the historical study of the medieval North Atlantic region. It is appropriate that in 2016 Medieval Institute Publications has established The Northern Medieval World as a series that explores the margins of Europe.

Series introduction

The Northern Medieval World aims to integrate research from historical, archaeological, literary and other traditions. Highly interdisciplinary in scope, the series embraces also gender, literary, manuscript, philosophical, religious and textual studies, as well as sources for educational use. We welcome cutting-edge approaches that seek to engage with all of medieval Scandinavia: not only Denmark, Iceland, Norway and Sweden but also regions of the world that were part of the Norse universe in the Middle Ages—such as Rus, Normandy, the Danelaw and Greenland. Comparative studies are also welcome, as long as there is a significant Northern focus.

The Northern Medieval World is open in particular to “edgy” approaches, such as queer studies, ecocritical studies and digital humanities-based approaches. It aims to break down barriers with the other literary and cultural traditions in the Nordic world and to situate the literary and documentary evidence in its full historical context. Entering into dialogue with an inclusive range of topics that connect to medieval Scandinavia, the series will reach beyond the narrower market and thus speak to scholars and students across disciplines. Interdisciplinarity is thus a key characteristic of the series.

Medieval Institute Publications welcomes monographs from established and early career researchers, collections of thematic essays, scholarly editions and translations with substantial introductions and apparatus.

Keywords: Medieval Scandinavia, history, literature, law, gender, paleography, philosophy, religion, translations, editions.

Series editorial board

Proposals or completed manuscripts to be considered for publication by Medieval Institute Publications should be sent to Shannon Cunningham, acquisitions editor for the series, or the chair of the editorial board, Carolyne Larrington, St. John’s College, Oxford.

Board members comprise:


In development.