Occupational Education Studies Program

Program description

The Bachelor of Science in occupational education studies is a articulated degree completed in partnership between WMU and 14 Michigan Community Colleges. This degree program is designed specifically for those individuals who wish to become certified teachers in a technical subject major as approved by the Michigan State Board of Education.


Occupational education studies major is an approved State Board of Education and North Central Accreditation for Teacher Education  teacher education program.


The program appeals to individuals desiring to teach technical programs in area technical centers, comprehensive high schools and trade academies.


This degree program leads to a State of Michigan Provisional Certificate with a vocational endorsement.


For class listings, program guides and other resources, visit the advising page for the occupational educational studies major.

Community college programs



Work Experience

Program requirements

Work experience requirement

A vocational endorsement requires 4,000 hours of recent and relevant work experience in your teachable major. 

Technical content requirement

  1. A teachable major can be satisfied by completing an approved program of work from your local community college or passing scores from the MOCAC examination in your technical area.
  2. A teachable minor is completed at WMU that can be selected from WMU teachable minors for secondary education.

Professional education requirements (21 credit hours)

  • ED 3050: Secondary Content Literacy (reading) (three credit hours)
  • CTE 3050: Career and Employability Skills (three credit hours)
  • CTE 3480: Student Assessment and Management (includes 60 hours pre-internship) (three credit hours)
  • CTE 5100: Special Populations in Career and Technical Education (three credit hours)
  • CTE 5120: Principles of Career and Technical Education (three credit hours)
  • CTE 5130: Teaching Methods for Career and Technical Education (three credit hours)
  • CTE 5420: Curriculum Development in Career and Technical Education (three credit hours)

Directed internship (12 credit hours)

  • CTE 4100: Seminar in Education (two credit hours)
  • CTE 4750: Directed Field Experience (intern teaching) (ten credit hours)

General education graduation requirements