Leadership and guidance

Teacher writing on whiteboard.

As leaders in their fields, Western Michigan University faculty members regularly publish research and textbooks used in college classrooms while making discoveries that improve lives. The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching places WMU among the 76 public institutions in the nation designated as research universities with high research activity.

Faculty members at WMU are committed to mentoring students and guiding them toward the right professional paths. Read about WMU faculty in the news.

Accessibility and support

Teacher lecturing.

Although WMU is a large university, students have access to each of their professors. There are over 1440 faculty members at WMU, making the student to faculty ratio 19 to 1.

Each faculty member teaching a course at WMU provides weekly office hours and also meets with students by appointment. During these times, professors are available to meet with students one-on-one to answer questions and discuss course information. Meeting with a professor during office hours is a great way to get to know the professor and develop a better understanding of course material.