Photo of Carol Sundberg
Director of Center for Disability Services
(269) 387-7005
Photo of Sue Dame
Office Associate
(269) 387-7006
Photo of Jerome Carter
Skills Training Specialist II
(269) 553-3370
Photo of Jill Fraze
Assistant Director of Marketing
(269) 387-7175
Photo of Kathie Garvey
Supervisor of Supports Coordination
(269) 459-8466
Photo of Justin Gish
Coordinator of Residential Services
(269) 459-8465
Photo of Sara Gurney
Supports Coordination Assistant
(269) 459-8467
Photo of Marti Haug
Finance Analyst
(269) 387-7213
Photo of David Longjohn
LAN and Systems Specialist
(269) 387-7015
Photo of Susan Longjohn
Skills Training Specialist II
(269) 553-3370
Photo of Kathy Muvrin
Supervisor of Programs and Activities
(269) 387-7424
Photo of Dawn Robarge
Coordinator of Community Living Services
(269) 459-8465
Photo of Liza Rouse
Coordinator of Senior Day Services
(269) 553-3370
Photo of Jill Svinicki
Coordinator of Community Connections
(269) 387-7412
Photo of Jessica Torrey
Lead Skills Training Specialist
(269) 387-7406
Photo of Stacy Weber
Lead Skills Training Specialist
(269) 387-7405