Vision Clinic

  • Eye exam

    Dr. Johnson, who specializes in low vision, conducts an eye examination.

  • Eyeglass adjustment

    We strive to make sure that your new eyeglasses are comfortable and the perfect fit.

  • Eye Exam

    The Vision Clinic assists patients with using low vision magnifiers.

  • Eye Exam

    The Vision Clinic provides thorough eye examinations.

  • Vision Clinic staff

    The Vision Clinic staff are here to assist you with all your vision needs.

The Western Michigan University Vision Clinic is a premier eye care facility located on WMU's east campus, on the fourth floor of the University Medical and Health Sciences Center.

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Our licensed and credentialed optometrists provide high quality comprehensive vision care for a wide variety of visual needs.

General optometric services

  • Complete ocular health exams
  • Wide selection of eyeglasses and sunglasses
  • Contact lenses
  • OSHA approved glasses
  • Sports frames

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Low vision optometric services

  • Vision assessments (including visual field measurement)
  • Lighting and glare evaluation
  • Variety of low vision services:
    • Near task magnification (desktop and handheld)
    • Glare control
    • Contrast modification
    • Computer accessibility
    • Distance magnification
    • Visual field enhancement
  • Visual aid training

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Call us at (269) 387-7064 to schedule an appointment.