Substitute Permits

Educational Requirements

  • Schools, or their agencies, are responsible for submitting the permit application via the Michigan Online Educator Certification System (MOECS). 
  • The State of Michigan requires the school to provide verification of your 90 semester credit hours toward an undergraduate degree, at one four-year regionally accredited college and university, with a Minimum GPA of 2.0.  Credits are to be completed at, or transferred to, a four-year, regionally accredited college or university; credit cannot be accepted directly from a community college. Official transcripts are required. 
  • Some school districts may require a 4-year degree in order to sub in their district. Individuals who meet the minimum requirements, and wish to substitute teach, should contact the district, or school, where they are interested in substitute teaching.


  •  The substitute permit is valid for teaching in day-to-day substitute teaching assignments, during the school year for which the permit is approved.
  • This permit is not valid for any regular or extended assignment, which is defined as an assignment to the same classroom for more than 90 CALENDAR days (weekends, holidays, every day counts).
  • The substitute permit expires on Aug. 31 of the given school year. The district or school may renew the permit each school year.
  • Substitutes are not to be placed in any teaching assignment prior to the permit application submission in MOECS and payment completed.

  • Any individual with convictions are not to be placed into subbing assignments prior to clearance by OPPS/MDE.


  • The State of Michigan requires all employees (including substitute teachers) working in an educational arena to be fingerprinted and requires that those results be maintained on file. The fingerprinting process produces a criminal history report, which contains any federal or state criminal records held on the applicant.There are several vendors statewide as well as School Districts and ISD’s that provide fingerprinting service for fees ranging from $55.00 to $70.00. The State of Michigan charges these vendors over $50.00 of this fee to produce the report.  Some districts (and universities) may not share this information in order to protect your privacy.
  • There may also be an application fee to process your school application.

Orientation Meetings and Training

  • Substitute orientation meetings may be required.
  • As an employee working in an educational environment around children, there are several federal, state, and school requirements for training.
  • If available, Internet training modules allow you the opportunity to learn and complete your required and non-required training in the comfort of your own home and at your discretion.

Additional Information