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October 2017

As we rush past the mid-point of the semester I hope all your technology experiences have been positive. If that's not the case, then please let me know. I would love to hear about your technology experiences on campus, both positive and negative. The Office of Information Technology is here to help! Did you know that you can request technology services from the Office of Information Technology simply by going to our websites, or, scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking the  open a service request ITDirect logo button?

ITDirect Service Management SystemThis will get your request immediately into our service management system where it can be quickly reviewed, prioritized, assigned and tracked to completion. Most of you are probably used to calling or emailing your favorite person in the Office of Information Technology to request a service and that method still works. That said, the person you contact is going to take your email or call and turn it into an ITDirect service request so why not save a step by going directly to ITDirect yourself and creating the service request? It's quick, it's simple, and it assures that your request will receive the attention it deserves.

Google Apps for Education: Google recently launched Drive File Stream, a new desktop application that allows users to quickly access their Google Drive files on demand, directly from their computer. This saves both time and hard drive space. Google Drive Stream will replace the classic Google Drive desktop application. Google will end support for Google Drive on Dec. 11 and shut it down completely on March 12, 2018. See Google Drive File Stream instructions.

To Clutter or not to Clutter?  That is the question: is junk mail clogging up your O365 inbox? When WMU first went live with O365, many of you quickly turned to Microsoft's Clutter service to address the issue of junk mail and while Clutter may still be meeting that need, Microsoft recently announced plans to eventually replace with a new service called Focused Inbox. Focused Inbox helps you take control of your inbox by focusing on those emails that matter the most. This service basically separates your inbox into two tabs: Focused and Other. Focused Inbox is currently available on the web version of O365 and the Android Outlook App. Microsoft plans to incorporate Focused Inbox into all variations of their Outlook product by March of 2018. Once fully deployed Microsoft will start deprecating their Clutter service.  Learn more.

Want to schedule a meeting? Do you spend a lot of time swapping emails and/or pushing people to fill out a doodle poll in order to try to schedule a meeting with your WMU peers? Well, OIT would like to encourage everyone to a) keep their O365 calendars up to date and b) use the O365 calendar's "Scheduling Assistant" feature to quickly and easily schedule meetings with your WMU peers. The tool is extremely easy to use and basically walks you quickly through the process of finding a meeting time that accommodates everyone's schedule. Watch a video to learn more.

Nathan LaMarreUCC Makerspace update: I would like to share with you this College of Engineering and Applied Sciences article about iClub president and UCC Makerspace leader Nathan LaWarre. Way to go Nathan, you truly are a change agent on campus!

Scanning services update: Scanning services on the first floor of the University Computing Center will be changing starting in January of 2018. As a result of steadily declining usage and fiscal 2018 budget cuts, scanning services will no longer be provided as a Monday through Friday walk-in service. Office of Information Technology staff will no longer be monitoring the door to the scanning services area. All requests for scanning work will need to be turned in to the drop box located in the lobby of the first floor of the University Computing Center. Twice a day, at 8 a.m. and 2 p.m.,  scan requests will be collected from the drop box and processed. The only exception will be finals week when scanning services will be open to receive walk-in traffic. If you have any questions or concerns about these changes, please feel free to contact Tom Wolf at (269) 387-3838.

Adobe support: The Office of Information Technology recently reached an agreement with Auxiliary Enterprises to transfer Adobe support related responsibilities from Auxiliary Enterprises to the Office of Information Technology. If you have any Adobe licensing questions, please contact OIT senior director Joel Fletcher. Thanks!

print from your deviceWireless printing: This fall a new version of wireless printing became available to all WMU students who can now print wirelessly from various locations throughout campus using their own personal computer, tablet or smart phone. Learn more.

Gone phishing? Phishing is an online scam involving emails with a clickable link. They appear to be from a trusted source, but are not. By clicking on the phishing scam link, you may compromise your WMU Bronco NetID which could allow a criminal access to change your personal data within GoWMU. As part of our efforts to educate the campus community about phishing, we created a phishing website. In addition to generic information about phishing, this site also contains actual examples of phishing emails that have been received by the WMU community. Learn more.

Central Authentication Service (CAS): The Office of Information Technology is a strong supporter of WMU's Central Authentication Service (CAS). This service helps minimize the number of times students, faculty and staff are required to enter their Bronco NetID and password by supporting the concept of single sign-on. By signing on once, you have access to multiple systems. GoWMU is probably the most well-known campus service to be CAS-enabled. With so many systems now running in the cloud, we regularly find ourselves working closely with cloud software vendors to help improve the computing experiences of students, faculty and staff through the addition of a single sign-on solution like CAS. It is important to remember that if you have signed on using a CAS-enabled system, you should always close your browser completely once you have completed your work to prevent others from accidentally re-accessing your CAS-enabled applications.

Movement mattersHealthy choices: As the CIO of WMU I tend to spend a lot of time at my desk interacting with technology. If you have a "desk job" like me, then you may want to take a closer look at next month's "Fall Movement Matters" wellness program. It is a great opportunity to collaborate with your departmental peers and encourage each other to make healthy choices. Thank you WMU for offering programs that encourage healthy lifestyles!

Did you know? WMU's EduCable television system was converted to a completely digital system in 2014, at which point the number of channels increased from 60 to 120. See the complete channel listing.

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