The mission of Residence Life is to foster a residential experience that engages individuals as students, community members and learners through academic support, civic responsibility and personal development.


Residence Life strives to…

  • Build a better student.
  • Build a better person.
  • Build a better community.
  • Build a better experience.


  • Provide a positive, supportive and safe residential experience for Western Michigan University students and staff.
  • Support students in their pursuit of academic excellence.
  • Create communities that integrate active engagement, personal responsibility and a sense of belonging.
  • Promote and support diverse environments that enhance experiential learning and personal development.

Student Learning Outcomes

As a result of living on campus…

  1. Students will develop positive, meaningful connections and relationships within their residential community.
  2. Students will learn and practice appropriate and effective interpersonal communication and collaboration.
  3. Students will know their community’s standards and values, and recognize how individual actions and choices affect personal lives and the lives of others in the living environment.
  4. Students will gain skills to make responsible decisions regarding their health, safety and personal well-being, and to be a positive, contributing member of their community.
  5. Students will gain skills to recognize and respect differences in each other and successfully interact within those differences.
  6. Students will be aware of and participate in opportunities, experiences and resources provided by Residence Life to assist in their academic pursuits.
  7. Students will utilize Residence Life services and resources to resolve issues or problems they face while living in University housing.
  8. Students will be able to articulate how living on campus is a positive residential and learning experience.