WMU launches comprehensive new online application process

contact: Cheryl Roland
| WMU News
Image depicting Apply Yourself login screen.

The new system streamlines the WMU application process.

KALAMAZOO, Mich.—For students who want to pursue a bachelor's degree at Western Michigan University, the University community has one overriding piece of advice: "Apply Yourself."

That's the name of an online application system the University has just activated and will use for applicants headed to WMU in 2016 and beyond. Apply Yourself was created by Hobsons, a national firm that specializes in higher education technology products. The new system replaces one the University had been using for 10 years. It offers potential students a seamless application experience with all of WMU's application forms, including specialty forms, completely online.


"This is all about streamlining the application process by providing students the opportunity to have the application and related links tailored to their needs and to the programs they're pursuing as well as factoring in any special admission status they might have," says, Dachea Hill, director of admissions. "There are some terrific built-in conveniences, like the fact that the application can be stopped and restarted without losing data and the ability to select links during the process to get questions answered that apply to individual situations."

Added elements to the online application include special questions that focus on international, military, dual-enrolled or early/middle college status. Other elements focus on readmission applications and academic areas that may need to incorporate audition outcomes or additional student information.

Apply Yourself was first used at WMU in the Graduate College, which successfully transitioned to the new system a year ago. With the current rollout, the University will have a uniform application system for both graduate and undergraduate students. A few small groups of students will continue to use the paper application system through 2016. They include guest students and high school dual enrollees.

The Apply Now link on the University's home page—wmich.edu—takes prospective students directly to Apply Yourself and the range of options for admissions.

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