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2014 New Issues Poetry Prize

Abdul Ali has won the 2014 New Issues Poetry Prize for his manuscript Trouble Sleeping. Fanny Howe judged.

Ali wins a $2,000 award and publication of his manuscript in the spring of 2015.

Abdul Ali

Two additional first book manuscripts, The 26-Hour Day by Olivia Clare and Little Arias by Kristen Case, will also be published in 2015.

2014 Green Rose Prize

The 2014 prize has been awarded to Kathleen Halme for her manuscript My Multiverse, which will be published in the spring of 2015.

Kathleen Halme

Little Spells by Jennifer Sweeney, Kingdom by Myronn Hardy, and A Swindler's Grace by Adam LeFevre will also be published in 2015.

Poetry Contests

The 2015 Green Rose Prize
September 30, 2014

The 2015 New Issues Poetry Prize for a first book of poetry.

Judge: Major Jackson
November 30, 2014


AWP Award Series

What EndsNonprofit
by Matt Burriesci
Winner of the AWP Award for the Novel
Hardcover and e-book editions: January 2015

“The prose in Nonprofit is cut with a sharp tool from stone, words and sentences fitting together just right, with nothing seeming to be wasted or out of place. The dry, bleak wit, unrelenting and consistently funny.... [T]he writer has the amazing ability to generate and sustain forward narrative velocity almost completely from the twin engines of dim hope and awful dread—this sense of rolling forward toward disaster....[T]he novel never loses its nuanced, dark and funny tone, all of which is tempered by a small kernel of warmth, love, and buried optimism at the core of the story.
—Charles Yu, from the judge's citation


Introducing New Poets


Dark~Sky SocietyDark~Sky Society
by Ailish Hopper
September 2014

“[T]he taut economy of Ailish Hopper’s syntax befits a chronicler bent on this government town’s nightly collapse of the personal and sociopolitical….Hopper’s poems dance on this divided skein with sculpted and oblique turns of phrase — lyrical arabesques constructed in terse verbal defiance….Consider her verse coiled and sprung; and, to paraphrase an exalted homegrown colloquialism, ‘busted loose’.”
— Greg Tate


Ain't No GraveIn the Museum of Coming and Going
by Laura Stott
September 2014

“By means of exceptionally concrete and direct language, Laura Stott’s poems lift dark matter up out of the shared unknown and give it shape. They have the simplicity of blue shadows and bells, the curiously beautiful postures of shore birds in a marsh. This book is as clear-eyed and original as any poetry I have read, and the poems do not melt away as you read them, they stay, they keep on reminding that mystery inheres not in abstract complexities but in our essential experience of the world. A truly wonderful debut volume.”
—Christopher Howell


New Poetry

Your MoonTree Line
Judy Halebsky
September 2014

“Robert Frost believed a poem should begin in delight and end in wisdom, but in Tree Line, Judy Halebsky proves a poet never has to choose between the two—her poems begin in both and end in both. Smart, sexy, thoughtful, and beautiful, Halebsky’s lyrics are a masterful marriage of tradition and innovation. This remarkable book loves many things—language and landscape to be sure—but most of all, it loves this world and how we make our way in it.”
—Dean Rader

Your MoonYour Moon
Ralph Angel
March 2014

Winner of the 2013 Green Rose Prize

"Reading the haunted, masterful poems of Ralph Angel is like being gently dropped into the ever-fluctuating substance of the day. All the guilt, pain, beauty, love and loathing of being alive is populated by figures who speak, speak back, and then through an omniscient, doubtful and pained visionary. This isYour Moon. It truly is. 'Of human unfinished. / The spirit in time.'”
—Gillian Conoley

Phantom CameraGazelle in the House
by Lisa Williams
March 2014

"Lisa Williams’s new collection, Gazelle in the House, is truly a book of stanzas: poetic rooms in which to dwell. Some of these dwellings have the uncanny familiarity of ordinary domestic space and others are as mysterious and disorienting as the depths of the sea. Painting with colors at times opaque, at times transparent, moving between shallows, tide-pools, and the abysses of dreams, Williams's voice is solitary, meditative, intimate—and in the end a means of revelation."
—Susan Stewart


Poetry in Michigan / Michigan in Poetry

Poetry in MichiganPoetry in Michigan / Michigan in Poetry
edited by William Olsen and Jack Ridl

October 2013

A 2014 Michigan Notable Book

"I could celebrate every single poem in here—a rare statement to make about any anthology. Leave it to the poets to find the heart of a place. This book will make you fall in love with Michigan all over again, or for the first time."
—Jim Daniels