We Agreed to Meet Just Here cover art
cover design by Amanda Schwarz

We Agreed to Meet Just Here
Scott Blackwood

$26.00 Hardcover
ISBN: 1-930974-80-9 / 978-1-930974-80-7
Publication Date: February 2009

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AWP Award Series in the Novel
Judge: Robert Eversz

We Agreed to Meet Just Here is a lyrical mystery about disappearance, told in precise and luminous prose. A young lifeguard in an Austin suburb vanishes one night while returning from a screening of The Third Man. A doctor, ill with cancer, goes missing from his home, and is later seen, bearded and ragged, wandering the aisles of a grocery store. A car is stolen, the unseen consequences tragic. One child is given up to adoption, another is lost up a tree. The absences are so keenly felt, in the drifting lucidity of the author’s sentences, that every reappearance reads like a small miracle.”

       —Robert Eversz, Judge


New Issues Poetry & Prose, Western Michigan University, Dept. of English,
1903 W. Michigan Ave., Kalamazoo, MI 49008-5331
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