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2016 New Issues Poetry Prize

Courtney Kampa has won the 2016 New Issues Poetry Prize for her manuscript Our Lady of Not Asking Why. Mary Szybist judged.

Kampa wins a $2,000 award and publication of her manuscript in the spring of 2017.

Courtney Kampa

SUBWOOFER by Wesley Rothman was also selected from the 2016 entries, and will be published in the fall of 2017.

2016 Green Rose Prize

Nadine Meyer has won the 2016 Green Rose Prize for her manuscript Chrysanthemum, Chrysanthemum.

Meyer wins a $2,000 award and publication of her manuscript in the spring of 2017.

Nadine Meyer

Two additional Green Rose manuscripts, A Passion According to Green by Mark Irwin and Small Gods by Matthew Minicucci will also be published in 2017.

Poetry Contest Deadlines:

The 2017 Green Rose Prize
Postmark September 30, 2016

The 2017 New Issues Poetry Prize for a first book of poetry.

Judge: TBD
Postmark November 30, 2016

Submission Guidelines


AWP Award Series

History's ChildBarren Island
by Carol Zoref
Winner of the AWP Award for the Novel
January 2017

Barren Island is a wonderful synthesis of character and history. From the moment Marta Eisenstein Lane begins to tell us about her remarkable family’s lives on the rank, forsaken sand bar of Barren Shoal, rendering animal carcasses into glue, the author immerses us in a world most readers would never otherwise have known existed. As squalid and hardscrabble as these lives may be, they are also suffused with strange beauty and love by Marta’s solicitude and honesty. Barren Island is big-hearted, generous, and fascinating.” —Paul Harding, Pulitzer Prize for Tinkers


History's Child

History's Child
by Charles Boyer
Winner of the AWP Award for the Novel
January 2016

History’s Child is very much about Poland and Belarus and the spirit of those that live there. However, it is also very much about people anywhere and everywhere trying to maintain humanity however they can in a world of gross power and abuse. As such it is something that “we,” as citizens of what is still the most powerful country in the world, would do well to pay attention to.” —Mary Gaitskill, The Mare

Introducing New Poets

In One Version of the Story

In One Version of the Story
by Chuck Carlise
October 2016

“Chuck Carlise ties the past into the present in ways that are melancholic, haunted, and beautiful. You think you’re out of the nightmare, but you’re not. That’s / the joke. The nightmare wants to live, / & its hands are on the wheel.
        —Nick Flynn


Little AriasHer, Infinite
by Sawnie Morris
March 2016

"Sawnie Morris's poetry sings in the tongues and dialects of space. The incantation, the verse, navigating the deep inward, the hard flight further. When life brings us poetry, this is what should be made of it!"
        —Levi Romero


New Poetry from the Green Rose Series

David Blair
October 2016

“David Blair, whose first book, Ascension Days, blew more than a few minds, is a wholly original American poet-- his poems yammer and jam, they aria and catalogue and whine, combining kaleidoscopic perceptual and social detail with a sensibility that is smart, canny, but affectionate. If Frank O'Hara and James Schuyler were available these days, they might manage the kind of clear-eyed and street savvy impressionism that Blair possesses. He is here though, and they are not, and he raves, moonwalks, and bebops through these mean streets with a life force and contemporary bravado which is its own meaning. This is poetry owned by no aesthetic party or posse, yet which somehow includes them all.” —Tony Hoagland

A Swindler's Grace

by Claire Bateman
October 2016

“I sometimes think of Claire Bateman as an informant from another world. Her poems take me places I have never been—they let me see the everyday as transcendent. After reading Scape, I was filled with a sense of wonder and awe. Clearly, there’s nothing like the Claire Bateman experience. She is nothing short of brilliant.” —Nin Andrews