Refund Policy

Application Deposit
The $100 deposit is non-refundable due to cancellation. If we are unable to accept a candidate, a $75 refund will be made.

Alternate Students
If a candidate is assigned alternate enrollment status, the $100 deposit will be retained, so the candidate can be enrolled immediately if a vacancy occurs. If a vacancy does not occur, we will process a $75 refund soon after Seminar begins. A candidate may choose to cancel his/her alternate status at any time, after which we will process the $75 refund as soon as possible.

Accepted Students
If an accepted student cancels before July 8, 50% of the total received (minus the $100 deposit) will be refunded.

Participating Students
Beginning July 10, if a participating student withdraws from Seminar on or before July 15, 30% of the total received (minus the $100 deposit) will be refunded. No refund is possible after July 15. No refund is possible at any time for a participating student who is dismissed for disciplinary reasons.