Students in 9th, 10th, 11th, or 12th grade may apply for admission; 2016 graduates included. Enrollment decisions are based on a recorded audition and music teacher endorsement letters.

Program Content and Instruction

Most students are involved in six class experiences daily. Chamber music making and private lessons for each instrumentalist are Seminar features.

Most rehearsals and classes are conducted by faculty members and teaching assistants from the School of Music at Western Michigan University.

Course descriptions, sample schedules, and a list of the faculty (as appointments are finalized) are included on the OVERVIEW page.

Housing and Meals

Students are housed in WMU residence hall facilities, and they have access to many university services including libraries, health service, and the student center. The residence hall is supervised by a carefully selected counseling staff of WMU music students. Meals are served cafeteria style. Summer hours can be found on the WMU DINING SERVICES page.

Commuting Option

Candidates may enroll as commuting students. They enjoy all program privileges (classes and activities), but do not sleep in the residence hall. Cafeteria meals and a parking permit are included.

Evening Activites

Students benefit from a variety of evening activities designed to create a cultural, social, and recreational balance to the daily schedule of classes. The recreational/social schedule includes swimming, ice skating, dances, parties, off-campus bowling and movie night, beach trip to Lake Michigan, open mic night, etc.

Evening events which are cultural are usually required, while social and recreational events tend to be optional. Residence hall activities and practice room facilities are available on nights when no evening event is required. Discretionary free time is part of the Seminar experience.


The application postmark deadline is March 1. [Applications will continue to be accepted until all vacancies are filled.] Candidates must mail a completed application, music teacher endorsement letter, $100 deposit (which does apply to the total tuition due), and a recorded audition. See additional details by clicking on APPLICATION. Acceptance letters and scholarship offers will be mailed by March 18 [and continue until all vacancies are filled].


Even though Seminar features individualized instruction and low student-faculty ratios, the tuition fees compare favorably with those at camps which do not include daily chamber music instruction and private lessons.
$1,385 Resident (live on campus)
$1,185 Commuting (live off campus)


Competitive SCHOLARSHIPS are available.