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This web site is to be used for electronic submissions to the MTMW 2009 Program Committee. Submission deadline is 15 January 2009. Further information about the conference and proposals is available here:
Call for Proposals

Abstracts are limited to 500 words and should not contain your name or other references which would reveal your identity. To ensure that your electronic abstract be received anonymously by members of the program committee, your cover letter and abstract will be sent separately. The abstract must be in .pdf format. No other file formats will be accepted. Examples/diagrams may be included in the same .pdf file with the abstract, or sent as separate .pdf files; if multiple files are submitted, all should be submitted at the same time. Authors are responsible for producing files that will display and print clearly, and for ensuring that the files contain no indication of authorship (including file names).

If you are ready to submit your abstract now, please complete and submit the Cover Letter form below first. Afterward you will transfered automatically to the next page and prompted to submit your proposal abstract.

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