Aural Comprehension Guide

David Loberg Code          Western Michigan University

Practicing Dictation

You will be asked to notate material by ear and also to correct performance errors in passages already notated. In class we will be using material adapted from your Rhythm & Pitch text (along with the the material in your CopyDesk Packet) for dictation exercises. Outside of class the best way to practice is with a partner: one person plays or sings, the other writes. Then reverse roles. In addition, there are tapes and computer programs available at the front desk of the Music Library. The tapes correspond to the the exercises labeled SET II in the Musicianship pages of your CopyPak. The computer programs generate a variety of material for drill work, along with immediate feedback on what you are doing right and wrong. You are strongly urged to use these materials on a regular basis. It will be well worth your while. You can also find many opportunites to practice in your daily life. Try writing down the bass line in a pop song that you like; or mentally correcting errors you hear during a choral rehearsal; or transcribing jazz solos, popular or classical melodies that interest you.


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