Dictation Practice

The following computer programs are available for practicing rhythmic performance and dictation skills. They are available for download in both Mac OS X and Windows platforms.

InTactus - Rhythm Trainer
Diktus - Dictation Generator

Below are links to pages with musical excerpts recorded for specific classes. Each excerpt is accompanied by a brief description and an answer key. In general, each excerpt begins with a full measure counting off the beats. For melodic dictations, these beats are in addition pitched on DO, the tonic for the given excerpt.

To listen to these musical excerpts your web-browser will need Quicktime. If you do not see a playback panel underneath each example, or do not hear any sound you may need to install the latest version of Quicktime. You can download a free copy here: Get Quicktime
If you are still having problems, check if you are able to view Quicktime movies, like this one: Test movie 1 or this one Test movie 2.
If you are getting a picture, but no sound, you probably need to adjust the sound monitor on your computer.

Music 162 - Aural Comprehension I

Diatonic melodies, rhythmic dictation (simple and compound meters), interval detection, chord recognition

Music 163 - Aural Comprehension I

Diatonic melodies

Music 259 - Aural Comprehension III

Chromatic melodies, 1- and 2-part rhythmic dictation (with borrowed divisions), harmonic progressions.

Music 265 - Aural Comprehension IV

Modal melodies, asymmetric meters, 7th chords.

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