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Music 1700

Below are links tooff-campus sites with materials relating to music history:

The Classical.Net Website

This is a one-stop index forinformation on all major Classical composers, styles and essential repertiore.

Virtuoso violinist JoshuaBell performs in a Washington DC Subway

Some food for thought...

Today in Music

Interesting facts on what happened inclassical and pop music on this day in history. Also includes a search indexfor any day of the year.

John Dowland: Flow My Tears (Lyrics)

Beautiful lyrics of this famous Renaissance lute-song.

John Dowland: Flow My Tears (Performance)

YouTube performance of this lute-song as done by soprano Valeria Mignaco and lutenist Alfonso Marin.

CD Now website/

This is the most amazing music resource on the web. This search engine for the CD Now compact disc/video mailordercompany allows you to search their archiveof over 200,000 soundclips, or find detailed information on any musicartist/band/album.

Note: In order to hear the audio clips you musthave at least a 28.8 modem and the RealAudio plug-in/RealPlayer softwareinstalled for your browser. This plug-in is available FREE on the web from the REAL website.

Comedy Rant About "Pachelbel's Canon" by Rob Paravonian (a former cellist)

Presented by Rob Paravonian (a frustrated former cellist). Very clever look at the pervasiveness of Pachelbel's "one hit wonder" in modern pop music.


"Metal" Arrangement of Pachelbel's Canon by Sean Carney (Mus 1700 student)

Sean's title "Cannon" is an intentional misspelling, as a pun to indicate the increased firepower of his "cannon-like" (military weapon) arrangement of this famous piece.


The Gradual Development and Expansion of Orchestral Scores (1720-1920)

This is a comparison of online score excerpts from orchestral works by JS Bach, Mozart, Beethoven. Berlioz, Wagner, Brahms, Debussy and Stravinsky.

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